Intactivist I am not !!

Let’s go over some vocab

What the heck is an intactivist? !!!! Well a person who takes a stand and believes in letting boys and girls keep their foreskin.


They are against circumcision.

Now my view on circumcision has changed within the last few years. You see C is has circumcised. He was born in a hospital we had it done for religious reasons. L is not. Why well we had every intention of it happening but he was born at a birth center they didn’t do them. They actually suggested keeping boys intact. I remember our first appt and after telling my husband we are still getting it done. Well we waited eight days then this turned into a month then this turned into two months with me finally telling my husband it won’t get done. (he freaked out!! Big time! )

You may ask why the change? Well honestly I had protected L from his big brother one eight days. I mean C put toilet water on him, attempted to drag him around, hit him, pulled his hair. So when I went to go look up our doc it hit me. ” I have been protecting L all this time why now hand him over to get hurt?!”

So you may be thinking that must make you an intactivist, why the title? Well because the intactivist I have met I don’t want to be associated with. Let’s go back to my favorite online activity… Mommy groups. Circumcision is a hot button topic, well until a few months ago I use to follow the circ topics even argue with moms. It then hit me why waste my time. Now the intactivist I have met have fit into these two categories:

Crazy and crazier.

The crazy group… Moms who are passionate about keeping boys intact. They get angry but not too angry they may call circumcision mutilating your boys. Usually they say things that make you think but are the group I can handle.

The crazier group…these moms I can’t stand why…. They name call… They will go around the Internet pull up a article about a mom circumcising her son and call her all kinds of names. Not even stopping to think maybe she doesn’t know. They suddenly become religious scholars if you mention religion. They hurt your feelings. The worst of all… They don’t realize their actions are actually scaring moms and get moms defensive. They will cut friends and family off who do circumcise their sons. They don’t realize many parents don’t know that a circ penis is no cleaner than a intact one and the myths that surround the subject. They are so passionate it turns parents and people off from their message.

Yes due to experience I am against routine infant circumcision and it is my sons choice. Yet don’t label me an intactivist. I am just a mom learning along the way. I did not learn anything from the online intactivist …. I learned more from a kind gentle spirited lady my friend and Doula S. I learned more from my midwives.

So my point? Intactivist calm down please you attract more bees with honey than you do with poison I understand the cause but you will loose more by telling parents they are horrible. I have yet to meet anyone who has said ” oh yes because of the name calling I changed my mind.”

Oh and before intactivist attack me saying ” oh you are grouping everyone in the same group wtf!”
I am only basing this off of my experience.



One thought on “Intactivist I am not !!

  1. i honestly get really confused on why so many moms get mad. It is an elective surgery. It’s not mandated, at least in Montana. It’s not even covered by Medicaid in Montana, since it is an elective surgery. I understand that people want to educate others on it, but at the end of the day, it is still a choice.

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