Poop, Pope, Play


Yes that is my most exciting news at the moment, and yes it is really exciting! He is Argentinian, 76 years old and has picked the name Francis.  If he was 50 years younger I may at one time would have been able to say he was probably cute. He is the first Latin American pope to be elected. Though I think I would have been way better for the job maybe it was best he was elected for it only time will tell.





So since Saturday C has been around other kiddos his age. Well how I would love to say “oh he plays so well” and “uses his manners” well the kid doesn’t.   So Saturday he hit one of my favorite Hippie moms ( she is pretty awesome I have a mom crush on her) little guy in the head with a toy spatula. Maybe I tell myself he was trying to figure out the speed comparison to the what sound is made. Yet either way hitting is hitting. Then we had a play date with mom Y today and little Y who is adorable…. Well C hit and snatched and pulled.  Granted he didn’t nap yet come on child!!!!! Lets say I felt very embarrassed and worried that mom Y would hate me. Yes I cared I like this mom. She assured me all is well after a freak out text from me.  Yet someone answer the question of life for me… HOW DO YOU GET THE HITTING TO STOP????

Whoever answers that for me and the idea actually works I will send you a thank you card and a gift card to your favorite store ( 5 bucks… yes I know I am cheap)….


See he can be sweet!!
See he can be sweet!!

^^^^please ignore the messy background



So whats up with the poop? I learned today that if you do the thermometer trick expect to get pooped on in the next few mins if you don’t put a dipe on!! It was horrid. Then if there is blood in the poo don’t freak out even more making baby cry. Not saying this was me.

the pooped out one
the pooped out one

Well until next time……


Preview of my next post.... Yes I am this lady!
Preview of my next post…. Yes I am this lady!






One thought on “Poop, Pope, Play

  1. Kids hit. It’s the same with throwing. They rarely do it to be mean, more as a means of communicating and exploring. The trick is to not make a huge deal when they do it. Reaction is fun. No reaction, not so much. It’s hard, but if no one is crying, let it be. If someone is crying calmly explain that hitting hurts and isn’t nice. When the behavior persists, a brief calm down time, because the kid is Likly overwhelmed.

    I like target.

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