Hospitals, Nudity and Jars

So I did say my next post was suppose to be all about baby wearing. I promise  my next one will be everything baby wearing I promise!!!


So why the hold? My mom had a recent hospital trip and stay. Or as she calls it a “hospitalcation”. How did this begin? We I first thought my mom was suffering from memory loss or dementia. She would forget her purse here or not remember the last conversation we had. Yet we ( my family) found out it was wayyyyy more than that. The story goes:

I get a call from my brother at 3 am saying my mom wasn’t home the car was at the house but my mom was no where to be found. I panicked called the police filed a missing persons report ( hardest thing I ever had to do and never want to do it again!). Where was she? She had fallen out her car at a local restaurant and a passerby found her and called an ambulance. She was at the hospital till 3:30 am and they released her saying she had arthritis and gave her a Tylenol, even though she couldn’t walk. Well fast forward and talking to some awesome friends my aunt and I brought her to another hospital who took one look at her and said “we will keep her”.  They figured she suffered a stroke. Then did an MRI… she has a mass on her brain which has swollen and was causing the memory problems and strokes.

She stayed in the hospital for about 4 days. This is when I am grateful for awesome nurses. My mom was considered a fall risk and as stubborn as she is would not ask the nurses for help walking. sigh….. I am sure the nurses had small heart attacks when they heard her moving about in her room. Well she is home now with a 24 hour nurse which she hates with surgery for next week. So yes it been crazy. Thanks to awesome moms and their kids.. my mom is receiving awesome get well artwork. Which she is really loving.

baby wearing at the hospital
baby wearing at the hospital


So I love fb… I love the groups, people and the drama. Yet this past week some random person who I apparently pissed off decided to report a picture shutting down my page till I agreed to Facebook deleting it. So what was the picture? Well it was one reported as ” Child nudity”. When I noticed my page was shut down I called my friend L in a panic. She guessed it was a breastfeeding photo. Yet it wasn’t. here is that nudity photo:

Cloth diapered Baby!!!!
Cloth diapered Baby!!!!

I know ridiculous right? I was pissed!! I also was scared that the police would show up to my door. Not that I have anything to hide, just the thought of police showing up to my door scares the crap out of me. Though one day my Husband swears it will happen ( I also have some friends who agree with him). I have some major defriending to do one day soon.


Not super exciting but we have switched from plastic cups in our house hold to mason jars to drink out of. I am super excited about this. I ate a lot of pasta with sauce to build my collection. I am trying to become as green as possible. My husband was on board with the idea. Though my idea when mentioned to my mom disturbed her enough that she went out and bought us a “proper glass set” for a Christmas gift.

someone loves the mason jars
someone loves the mason jars

Last note

This is for the pest control company that came into the apartment building spraying chemicals. It would have been nice if you would have given a warning of some kind saying ” Hey we will be spraying crap in the building that we have to wear mask to handle”. I am still highly irritated. Expected a angry worded letter on your Fb page.

Yes I took pictures
Yes I took pictures

2 thoughts on “Hospitals, Nudity and Jars

    • We reused Alfredo sauce jars and just kept the lids. Though I have notice at grocery stores you can just go into the canning section and they have mason jars with lids that aren’t promoting sauce brands.

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