Yes I am that crazy babywearer… A label I love!!!!

So you know that friend you have that has that is very passionate about a certain topic and never shuts up about it? They go on and on and on about it and you are just thinking shut up! The way they go on about it you would think it was the cure to every aliment out there. Well I am that passionate annoying friend when it comes to ……… Babywearing!!!

 Yes I am this lady!
Yes I am this lady!

I am in love with baby wearing ( screaming this from the tallest mountain) !!! It is literally my cure to everything. Teething or sick baby/child .. wear them! Newborn who wont let you put them down for one min because they are getting use to this new world around them….wear them! Need to get things done yet your toddler comes right behind you and messes them up...wear them! Child breaks their arm… Wear them!!!! Ok, ok, ok …. if your child breaks an arm please bring them to the hospital first, get it fixed, and then Wear them!!!! Babies worn cry on average 43% less than babies who aren’t.

Now you probably have figured out what babywearing is its literally wearing your child or baby. It has been around for thousands of years so ignore anyone that says “oh babywearing is a new trend”


So how did I come to wear my child? Well it started like this…….. C my oldest hit 3 months and suddenly he wouldn’t sleep most of the day like a newborn does. He would stay awake and he wanted me. Which meant nothing ever got done around the house. I did try one time to put him in the kitchen sink so I could wash dishes… lets say that didn’t go so well. So my husband Chad knowing how I was going crazy and he was going crazy came home with the common carrier you see many parents using. It worked for awhile. I was all “Hey it is working, I can wash the dishes.!” Until my back started hurting all the time and my shoulders were sore. So knowing there had to be something better out there I researched and found the carrier I had was a crotch dangler. Whats makes those carriers crotch danglers? Because they literally hold baby by the crotch. This is not the ideal way for baby to be carrier.


Reasons why crotch danglers are not ideal:

  • No support for baby’s legs
  • Places baby in a hollow back position – which puts pressure on the spine and a lot of pressure on the groin.
  • Doesn’t support head
  • Hurts your back
  • Forward facing can overstimulate a baby, and baby can’t turn to caregiver for comfort

So will a dangler kill you baby no.. yet they aren’t ideal. After I found this out I ditched my dangler for a Moby. My back and C’s crotch thanked me.

C in my moby
C in my moby

So you now are probably thinking ” This is all interesting but what the heck is a moby?… what other carriers are there ?” Well with the help of some awesome mama friends let me explain.


ashley c    christina o       tigra

They are the most customizable carrier out there. They fit every body shape and size. Along with coming in some awesome prints. You have two kinds of wraps. Jersey knit cotton which have a stretch to them awesome for newborns. These you CANNOT do a back carry. They stretch way too much and cause problems. A woven wrap is you wrap to go to for back carry’s. These if you don’t want to spend a pretty dime on, you can make one at home.

Mei Tai

melissa b hubby303044_10150332163528026_2091873814_n 308716_10150336849788026_2039535228_n

This carrier is Asian inspired. Front or back carry. Does work with most shapes and sizes. I know moms who love them and I know moms who hate them.

Ring Sling

Kelcyfamily2amber p

My FAVORITE hands down carrier of all time!!! Great for itty bitty newborns and grows with them! I have seen some that I just drool over because they are so beautiful. I know some moms who say they love them but not for long wearing periods, due to the one sided shoulder. Very customizable.

Soft structure Carrier

heidi sBethanyambers hubby

If you just want something that is safe and not complicated a soft structure is the way to go! Super daddy friendly ( though I do know some dads who wear wraps). You can pair this carrier with another carrier at the same time and wear two babies!

autumn  me  christina o1

Closing arguments

Did I mention the benefits of wearing your baby?! here are a few

  • You can go places without having to haul or push a stroller.
  • An up right position with tummy in can help relieve tummy discomforts. ( L usually poops when I wear him)
  • Helps create an emotional safety net
  • Learn baby’s cues
  • Hands free Nursing
  • Baby experiences the world around them
  • When you aren’t wearing baby you wraps can double as other things
hanging out

Last Note

Now you are interested and yet you don’t want to dish out money to try a carrier yet not like it. What do you do? Well if you live in the Twin Cities area All things Diapers has every one of the carriers I mentioned in the store that you can try on plus a rental program. Cant make it there or don’t live in the Twin Cities area? Try joining area babywearing groups.. there are plenty on Facebook. Try cloth diapering or natural parenting groups many of these parents baby wear. If all fails contact me I will find you help!! Yet remember to have fun! Happy Baby wearing!!

Last Last note

I forgot to mention activities one shouldn’t do while babywearing …. theses include .. babywearing doe not take the place of a car seat in a car. Don’t handle super hot liquids while wearing baby or knives. If you have doubts don’t do it.

Even spiders babywear!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Yes I am that crazy babywearer… A label I love!!!!

  1. Last year when my DD had bbaaad colic I walked around for hours with her in a crotch dangler. I wish I knew then what I know now!

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