And the issue is?………

You know what’s sad? When we as a nation have to use a court to decide whether two people who love each other are allowed to marry. The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments on whether same sex marriages should be allowed.

My views on same sex marriage have changed over the years. In high school… I was almost punched in the face when I stated that gay people should not be allowed to marry. Yet I am thankful for that almost punch. It made me open my eyes to realize the world around me is much bigger than what the church I belonged to and my mom had raised me to believe. You see Sunday after Sunday I was taught for two men to lay with each other was wrong. My mom preached it at home too. Yet since that almost  punch I have come to realize and ask my self the question what makes  hetero sexual preference better and more “right/normal” than some one who has a homosexual preference? I mean we both didn’t have a choice with what preference we were born with. I am pretty sure with all of the crap that anyone who wants to be with the same sex has had to put up with they didn’t “choose” to be gay.

Yet I have come to realize I have been born into the world of heterosexual privilege. What does this privilege consist of? Let me start a list:

  • My marriage did not need a majority vote in order for it to be legal
  • I and my husband can adopt a child with no problem
  • I can receive any benefit of my husbands whether is health care, death benifits

Those are just a few.

I still am trying to figure out though why anyone would protest anyone elses marriage. Oh wait here are some not so valid reasons

My religion says so and so

I have always tried to figure out why people thin their religion so decide other peoples lives. Like it says it your religion what you follow why enforce it on others? I mean does the gay couple down the street who suddenly get married ruin you or your religion? I mean as soon as they get married does you religious text suddenly have a magically appearing void sticker on it? Just wondering

What will I tell my kids?!!

You would tell them the truth duh. I seriously doubt that a child’s world will come crashing down when you explain to them that Tim and Tom love each other so they got married.

Gay people getting married ruins the sacred part of marriage

50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Along with cheating, pre marital sex, etc. I mean have you seen some of the confessions on Facebook mommy pages?!!!

If we allow gay marriage to happen then it will lead to people marrying dogs

Yes I have seen and heard this said. To those people you first should probably be checked out mentally because only you are thinking about any marriage to any animal. Second go back and get under the rock you are living under and never come out. By saying this you are comparing humans to dogs and to that f you. Yes I said it.



What I am trying to say there is no valid reason. Yet I know the moment this blog post and friends read it I will loose some friends. A message to those friends …. obviously our friendship wasn’t that important so have a great life and don’t let the virtual door kick you in the A@$.

At the end of the day I am happy for that almost punch. I am still friends with that awesome girl today.

“In this country as children, we learn that there’s a founding principle, that all men and women are created equal. … Unfortunately with the passage of Proposition 8, we learned that there are group of people in California who are not being treated equally.” Kris Perry, a plaintiff in the Prop 8 case.


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