That’s a Wrap!

My Guest blogger Amber…… She is pretty awesome we met through our cloth diapering group and since then I feel in a way that she is my long lost sister with her personality. Except we would have different parents completely but still.  She is my wrap go to lady. I love babywearing but have limited experience with wraps. Here is her journey with babywearing and wraps that started 7 years ago………

I started baby wearing a whopping 7 years ago, when I had an itty bitty newborn baby boy. Back then, Facebook was still just for college students, so no cool baby wearing groups, and online forums weren’t well known about, at least not to me. So choices were limited. I started off with a hand-me-down Baby Bjorn, when my son was just a couple days old. I thought it was awesome! And it was, because at the time I didn‘t know any better. It was almost winter time (that means there was already a foot of snow on the ground), here in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, and what better way to keep baby warm and snuggly than to wear him? Our first experience wearing in public was to the Dayton’s 8th? Floor. The theme that year was Cinderella. I remember it like it was yesterday! My little guy was a whole five days old! I didn’t want people touching him, and getting either of us sick, so this was the best way to avoid that. I could karate chop them with my free hands if they so much as looked like they were going to touch him J It was a win-win!
The Baby Bjorn worked well, for a while, until he got to 15 pounds. Maybe not even that big. Then, it hurt my poor back so bad because there wasn’t enough support for me, and it wasn’t comfy for him either, because it was not ergonomically correct. So that ended our baby wearing days. How sad.

Fast forward about 2 years, when number 2 was born. Same thing, loved wearing her when she was a small wee one, but quit with the Bjorn at about 15 pounds because nothing had changed, it still hurt my back! This time, though, I had another option. A Playtex Hip Hammock. If you’ve never seen or heard of one of these, it basically is supposed to function like a ring sling for an older baby or toddler, but way uglier. Still wasn’t very comfortable, so once again, our baby wearing days were cut short, because there was just a lack of knowledge and resources. And let’s face it. I was one of the first of my friends to have kids, so I couldn’t ask any of them for help or advice!

Now that I have written a little mini novel already, we actually get to the good stuff. Pregnant now with number 3, I am on all these awesome online forums like Babycenter and Facebook groups. I am learning about being a more natural mama, or crunchy. Hey, what I had been doing for the last 5 years now had a name! And it was “in”. I started researching cloth diapers, and that lead to baby wearing, because as many of you know, the two often go hand in hand. #2 was often my guinea pig. And she has been such a good sport about it! I started cloth diapering with her, when she was almost 3, to see if I liked it before I started with my soon to be 3rd. LOVED it! The wonderful ladies of the cloth diapering world led me to safe and comfortable baby wearing. Oh so many options! So when #3 was born, I packed up all 3 kids, and headed to Peapods, a natural toys and baby care store near my home. I was demo’ed some nice carriers, and got to try them on even! Since my little guy was SUPER small still, I decided on a Moby Wrap. I instantly fell in love! A Moby Wrap is a long piece of stretchy fabric you wrap around your body and baby gets nestled safely inside. If I felt like the Baby Bjorn had done a good job, I was fully mistaken! Nothing felt better than that Moby Wrap! My son felt weightless on me, all 7 pounds of him. Even as he grew, and reached that 15 pound mark, he still felt weightless, and I could hold him in that wrap for hours! And thank goodness I could! He suffered from reflux and had to be upright a lot. The Moby allowed me to take care of his needs, while still being able to be available to my other children. I was hooked! I branched out and tried many different carriers. I love each type of carrier for different reasons, but the Moby Wrap, often the gateway into the baby wearing world, will always hold a special place in my heart because it did so much for my son and I.

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Alas, he did grow, A LOT. And slowly wearing him in the Moby, he began to sag in it. It IS a stretchy wrap, and the more weight you have in it, the more it will stretch. So I decided to get a woven wrap. If you haven’t had the luxury of a woven wrap, you are missing out! At least try one, feel one, rub it on your cheek because they are so soft and snuggly. Another added bonus of a woven wrap is that you can wear baby on your back! It takes some practice, and you should be very comfortable wrapping baby on your front before you attempt putting a little one on your back. Also have a spotter or do it next to your bed, so no one gets hurt.
I fell, HARD, for the Girasol rainbows. I HAD to have one. A great friend of mine had one, and sold it to me. That thing is another member of our family! All three kids love it. And I will tell you why. Not only is it a wrap, to wrap baby with, but it doubles as a blanket to snuggle up with, can be a tent to play under, but the best perk is that it can become a hammock, as long as you have a kitchen table! Seriously! I wish I had one that I could fit into. My kids ask me all the time to make a hammock for them. Even my 7 year old has fallen for the hammock. It’s such a great resting place no matter how it is used!

Now wrapping looks intimidating. That’s a lot of fabric right?! Yes, it is, but it allows you to do all sorts of different carries that can be tailored to your needs. Just a simple you tube search will come up with tons of videos on how to wrap your baby. Take advantage of those videos. Use them. Practice right along with them. But don’t be so intimidated that you won’t try. Most people who try a wrap, love them. Some don’t, but I would say more do than don’t. Find a group near you, these baby wearing groups are everywhere! Do it sooner than later. Seriously, baby wearing has made my life so much easier. And when you have a pretty wrap to do it with, it will brighten your day a little bit more, seeing your precious babe so close to you, knowing you are doing something great for your child.


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