And the bashing continues…

For those who cant read backwards the caption above the photo says in short:

“This makes me f!@!## sick. This baby is less than 2 hours old. SMFH. You all should know ……… Ignorant Morons shouldn’t procreate.”

^^^Those words on the photo of a happy father feeding his baby make me want to scream and cry in disappointment of the ignorance and un supportive author

Now before you run and find the Facebook group that this was posted under .. by the way Breast is Best is an awesome group. I will let you know that this was not posted by a regular admin but a trial admin. The group has come out and apologized:

“All of us at Breast is Best want to publicly apologize for the horrendous lack of common sense displayed here earlier today. A friend of mine, who we introduced as a trial admin, was asked to help with fan questions, reposts and shares while I attempt to keep up with all the giveaways we’re hosting. What she posted today was clearly not in line with ANYTHING we have ever posted at Breast is Best, and nothing we would ever deem appropriate in any environment. I’m sad to say that I lost a friendship over this — with someone I just had lunch with this afternoon. I am more sad to know that feelings have been hurt unnecessarily.
Thankfully, the post was deleted after about two minutes, and obviously, her admin status has been revoked permanently. I’m ashamed and embarrassed that our page was portrayed so negatively, if only for a few minutes. Anyone who has followed this page for any amount of time knows that we support ALL moms, breastfeeding, supplementing or formula feeding from the start. We do not tolerate bashing and swearing here, especially not from one of our own. I am beside myself with anger and frustration, and still dealing with this on a personal level. I cannot begin to express my apologies enough, as the baby in the photo belongs to a friend of mine, who just became a new mama yesterday. Please bare with us as we continue to work through this mess. ♥ Deanna”

So no this post will not be about tearing the group apart.

What makes me sad about that picture is not the father who is feeding his child. Whether is formula or breast milk in the bottle at this point it doesn’t matter we don’t know the situation that is going on behind just this picture and I refuse to speculate. What saddens me is the fact that another human being could say this about another person/family. I think what hurts me even more is that human being was a woman.

We all know breast is best , in my perfect world every mom would be able to breast feed or have access to donor milk. Yet my perfect world is just a figment of my imagination… and only exists in my mind.  Moms will use formula…. its not poison as I have seen many write is it my choice for my family no but for others it is and for them it works.

Yet I time after time fail to understand why others don’t understand this. Why others in this case the author of the crap written on the beautiful pic of a father and his child feel that it is need to basically spew hate from their mouth or in this case thoughts that have been written down that will now exist forever.

I in all reality am tired of the breastfeeding vs formula feeding debate amongst us moms. We should uplifting each other and not bashing each other about how one feeds their child.

At the end of the day we are doing what is best for our child. We may not all agree and my choices may not be choices you would choose, and your choices may not be what I would choose. Yet this bashing of other families and moms needs to stop.


One thought on “And the bashing continues…

  1. humans never fail to amaze me. Such a large part of them are completely incapable of putting themselves in another person’s shoes. The mentality of “I am completely right about everything I think and feel, and if you don’t agree you are 100% wrong at all times”, seems to be growing and growing.

    Also the trait of thinking they know exactly how they would react in any situation, regardless as to whether they have ever been in that situation, esp. when it comes to extreme situations.

    thanks for posting this, let’s hope some take it to heart. 😉

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