Please Pass the milk

My Breast have fed 7 babies. I only have two, so where did the other 5 children came from? Well lets see 3 adorable babies were the children of friends, the other adorable two are the children  from a mother who I had not met till the day she showed up my door with a empty cooler that I was happy to fill. I am pretty sure my neighbors thought ” why are women showing up at her door with coolers?” Yet again maybe my neighbors weren’t too surprised seeing I have cloth diapers hanging from my balcony on a daily basis.

YES… I milk share.  No I am not some weird lady would would offer to take your formula fed baby and nurse her because I believe my milk is the only way..(though if you wanted me to nurse your baby I would probably be happy to do so.) I am just a mom who is paying it forward.

My oldest cadden went to a friends birthday party and came home with a stomach bug. He after getting over the bug continued to puke. Puking to the point he was loosing weight and it was causing concern. He couldn’t keep down formula or cows milk. I ended up surfing online and came across milk sharing… I decided to ask moms in the cloth diapering group I am part of for their breast milk. ( I at this point in which he was a year old no longer had a supply due to poor breastfeeding advice and support … he ended up weaning at eight months.)

My husband thought I was nuts… though in a way I don’t blame him. Society today says if you can’t breastfeed then you automatically go to formula. Yet society has yet to give me an answer for what do you do when formula is just not working for you and your milk supply is gone. My doctor at the time thought I was nuts but yet again I thought she worked for the dairy association. I went ahead with the donor milk plan and to this day I thank the moms who had the generous hearts and extra milk to give Cadden. After that I was determined to pay it forward.

When Lyam was born I had my plan in place I was going to hopefully be able to pump and find someone who needed my milk. Apparently God also knew of my plan seeing after my milk came in I was pumping anywhere from 20 to 30 ounces a sitting.. I literally was spraying milk on my baby, on the cats, random strangers you get the picture. By the tome he was a month old I had frozen milk spilling out of our freezer. That’s when I headed over to my local human milk for human babies Facebook page ( see facebook does come in handy time to time!)

I met my first donor family… a mom of beautiful twins we talked for a bit and she showed up at my door with a huge cooler that was very full when she left. The I found my other set of twins who were preemies their dedicated mom who lived ten mins down the road from should up weekly for milk as she worked on building up her own supply. My last mom is mommy of a great little guy whose husband did most of the milk pick ups or we met in parking lots.

I in my honest opinion didn’t just fill breast milk bags for these babies I also sent much love to them and love to their moms for trusting me to provide their little ones with their meals. I spent and still do stay up late at night to pump not because I have to but because I want to, because I believe in the greater good and hope that if I ever needed milk a mom would do the same thing. I avoided certain foods so these moms hopefully didn’t have to spend sleepless nights trying to console a gassy baby.  I am also thankful. Thankful for an abundant supply to share, to the moms who once pumped for my now two year old. Thankful for the web forums that connect mothers with other mothers for milk.

Now am I saying milk sharing is for everyone no but I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to try it. For the mom who is looking for donated milk.. ask potential donors their health history if need its OK to ask many questions this IS your baby.

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4 thoughts on “Please Pass the milk

  1. You are amazing! I wish I was an efficient pumper and had a good enough pump to do what you are doing!

    • Thanks.. I am just trying to bring awareness to an option that many moms including my self at one time don’t know that its available. Yes you can go to a milk bank yet I know for us we didn’t have the 150 dollars per day to even think about doing that. My husband now swears by donor milk and supports me all the way with donating. FYI- many insurances if not all now cover pumps.. I use a medela pump has worked great for two years.. I was a horrible pumper with my first.

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