Ticks, Tighteners, Rain and more!

Oh what a week it has been! I am pretty sure I wanted to run and hide from my kids… From teething to sugar highs. So the beginning of this week I woke up with the attitude  ” my kids could poop on me and I would still be happy!”  Yet apparently mother nature decided she could care less and was going to rain on my parade literally. Went to take the kids and the dog on a walk. I swear when we started out it was sunny then out of no where it started rain cats and dogs. I am pretty sure many of the people passing by felt bad for me, though I don’t doubt there were some laughs. Picture a mom walking down the street with baby strapped on her back, dog who apparently is afraid of rain and a toddler who wants to jump in every puddle. Though I have to admit it was maybe just a little fun.


Oh and more about our dog. I wasn’t a huge fan of her this week. How can you be a huge fan of a dog that has penny size ticks on her? Yes the first tick I found I had touched then realized it was a blood filled tick. lets say I didn’t handle it like a sane woman but may have gone a bit crazy. Well when I thought it all was over I had friends over and I nice penny size tick fell of the dog right where the kids were playing. The dog tried to eat it. I flipped out and My friend ended up bring it to its death by burning it in our good glass. I just thinking about this feel like creepy crawly’s are crawling all over me.

Oh Cadden … So what do you get when you leave a magic marker out, a laminate floor and a toddler who thinks his work is Picasso ?

THIS!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yes for a min I was looking at him as he was doing this thinking oh look he is quiet… then I smelled the marker. I panicked and turned to Facebook for answers. After 5 coats of goo gone and a magic eraser ……



Now on to tighteners …. So I love it when I get new followers on Facebook but this follow kind of caught me by surprised. So open my email and see a notice saying Tightzenz is following you. Yeah click to see who this is and it’s a vaginal tightener I kid you not! I don’t know what they know but I am pretty sure I don’t need one. I am guessing they are looking for moms who have had vaginal births as a market to focus on. So if you do need one I am sure Google will be your friend in finding the product… oh and you do get free shipping.  If you do order it I hope all goes well. Something about sticking an item that looks like an eraser in your hoo haa doesn’t seem like it will help in tightening up things down there. I suggest save your money and do some squats and kegals.

After all the craziness that happened this week, ending it at a friend’s house with a bonfire in the middle of now where seemed relaxing. Actually it was very relaxing and fun. This city girl hunted for salamanders with a 6-year-old, almost set someone on fire by thinking if you marshmallow is on fire you swing it around (bad idea), and yelling for the dog 500 times. Yet it was very relaxing.


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