Remembering and Celebrating- Memorial Day

As Memorial Day comes to an end. I hope we all stopped and thought about the real meaning of today. Yes the grilling is fun as is connecting with family and friends, yet memorial day isn’t just about having a random three-day weekend.  Today was about honoring the ones who have lost their lives fighting for our country, along with thanking the ones who are still with us. So what did we do to honor today? We had a moment of silence as we listened to TAPS. So I would like to think that my children and even my husband for that matter were silent, but no they weren’t.

I found an awesome version of TAPS on YouTube and informed my husband we will be having a moment of silence to remember the fallen. He was totally on board with this seeing he grew up going to the graveyard every Memorial Day to place flowers on graves.  Yet Cadden and Lyam….. I am pretty sure conspired with each other at some point to make as much noise as possible. In fact I’m convinced it was a contest. I turned on the video and Lyam decided he needed to fill the diaper I just put on him five mins ago, then on top of that laugh about it. Oh and Cadden…. first let me start… Cadden has enough energy for about five boys his age sometimes more. He is his own kid and there have been days I have just wanted to hide from him. Well Cadden decided that the cat needed a bath… in the toilet. *Sigh* So basically I spent my time consoling a cat and telling Cadden to please be nice to the animals ( in which he laughed this evil laugh. By evil I mean there was vibration in his laugh). So basically a fail on the moment of silence.

Now on to celebrating…We have family ( My brother-in-law a veteran), and friends over. Like always we had a great time! That can only be explained in pictures.

My Ice tea.. Which after the crazy morning I seriously considered making it mommy's special juice
My Ice tea.. Which after the crazy morning I seriously considered making it mommy’s special juice


My awesome husband grilling

104_1510 104_1503


Mommy and son and of course whats a day with out babywearing?!

104_1513 104_1506


Then friends joined in…..

104_1529 104_1525 104_1549

Caddens Friend Luci!


104_1538 104_1545 104_1546

Jen, Tim, Leticia, Luci, Jodie and John



As you can tell we had a pretty awesome day filled with plenty of laughs, food, and more laughs. Along with convincing husbands why their wives NEED more carriers, and at one point had  six kids, two dogs and, three husband running around loose.  I am thankful for moments like this. I am thankful this country has men and women who are willing to put their lives on the line for this country, so we can continue to have great moments like this. We had a great fun-filled day and hope you did too!

Happy Memorial Day!


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