My faith lies in my heart not my hijab.


So I usually don’t publicly talk religion. Yet there is a question that is coming up time and time again recently… “Where’s your hijab (scarf)If you know me in life you know I rarely eft home with out my scarf or hat on my head. That I was very strict about making sure I had a scarf on. Yet I will finally come out with it… I was living a lie. No I wasn’t lying about being Muslim. I was lying about my reason for wearing my scarf.

You see when I first converted it took me some time to get use to wearing my scarf… Yet I was excited. I felt as if yes I am obey God in his eyes. Yet up until about a year ago I became very unhappy. I don’t know where to pin point it but I do know my intentions where not in the right place. My intentions turned into I am wearing this to fit in.. so I am not questioned by others on why I am not wearing it. I finally decided to take my hijab off about a month ago.. I can say I have never been happier.. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can be my fun whacky self. By me saying that doesn’t mean I will never put my scarf on ever again perhaps there will be a day I will.

Yet since my descarfing  I am been receiving messages on Facebook and emails asking how are you Muslim yet don’t wear your scarf? One person went as far as sending my verses about why I need to put it back on ( what angered me were not the verses but the fact as a guy I feel you have no right what to tell a woman to wear). I want to just say this once… MY FAITH ISN’T TIED UP IN MY SCARF ITS LIES IN MY HEART!!

It baffles me on how people think that a simple piece of fabric determines who you are faith wise. My faith nor morals lefts when my scarf did. I hope to teach my sons that when you look at a person look at whats in their heart not whats on their head.

Also as a side note I think my puffy hair fits me at the moment. Just saying.


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