The Baby Product that No One Told You, You Would Need

That last week and a half have been crazy somewhat nail-biting stressful. Lyam has been either teething or just realized he needs me more than ever for some weird reason… and Cadden, well Cadden has been Cadden. He when a friend came over stranger snatched her son. Whats a stranger snatch? When you stand in another room wait for someone to walk by and you snatch them in with one try and one arm. He then broke a glass ( my fault yes I am the idiot who gives the kids glasses to play with then looks puzzled on why they break. Thank god it wasn’t our good glass set which consist of pasta jars).


Then today I was stabbed by my eight month old with a fork that popped a blister then asked on a forum what to clean it with ( answer: soap and water duh, and yes why the heck is my kid playing with a fork another duh moment). Oh and my highlight…. Apparently I am just very absent-minded this week so far. We went for one of our many daily walks i which Lyam is on my back and Cadden is on his moving fire truck. Today I figured let’s go further on our walk without thinking there is a hill further down. Well Cadden figured this out and off he went. I ended up chasing him down the street with baby on my back and our dog trying to get her gentle lead off. Very welcome to the residents of Eagan who got their entertainment for the day watching me looking like a crazy person.

Moving on…..

So we have received an awesome item that would never have though would be an awesome baby product yet after a semi quiet weekend and semi quiet day I thought I have  to share this. This item will make even the noisiest of the noisiest toddlers will be silenced  … Babies love to hang out in front of it…. what is it?


OK to start I do not lock my kids in the kennel they by choice choose to go in. Anyway we found this large wire kennel on one of my favorite websites It’s a great site you can post free items on it for pick up and find free items that you may need. Well we needed a dog kennel ( At the moment though I am wondering why we got it seeing we have yet to use it, a friend shared with me that she thinks we also are attachment parents to our dog … this may be true). It’s huge as in can fit four toddlers and a baby in it ( I visualized measured). Well my husband set it up and that same day we couldn’t find our toddler. He had been quiet for a while which usually means trouble is brewing. Looked for him and he  was in the kennel with the dog just relaxing. He now spends a good hour in it playing every day and believe me in my world that is heaven.

Things I have accomplished in that hour:

  • load the dishwasher
  • power pump
  • nurse the baby
  • actually read a few pages of a book
  • think
  • EAT!

That kennel is magic I tell you! No kennel on hand? A very giant box also does the job.


I decided to draw a picture of Caddens happy time in the kennel. I really don’t need CPS showing up at my house over a real photo that someone took out of context.

No he doesn't have a water dropper but thought it would be a nice upgrade!
No he doesn’t have a water dropper but thought it would be a nice upgrade!





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