Brotherly Love

When time came near for Lyam to be born I had a huge fear. It didn’t involve going into labor or even how his birth would go, it was going from one child to two. Cadden had Chad and I all to himself for a good 18 months. Though he did have to share my attention during the day as I did childcare, he knew at the end of the day those kids went back home to their families. OK well he didn’t know where they went, but he did know they were not staying the night.  He was not used to also having to share me during the evening hours.

Yet we tried to prepare him. We bought him the doll of his choice and called it the baby. We told him to that he had to feed the baby and be nice to the baby. Though instead this baby ended up in a plastic bag as a carrier, and was use as a road bump for his cars and trucks. I would also tell him that a baby was in my tummy. That he warmed up to even more so when a friend was pregnant at the same time and had her little guy before I did. So Cadden was getting use to the idea. Yet bringing Lyam into this world with Cadden terrified me enough to the point I got super nervous during labor and had a mini breakdown.

Well My fears didn’t keep Lyam from being born ….. Nor did it keep me from hiding out at the birth center he was born at we eventually had to go home.

As you can see Cadden wasn’t too sure but he was very quick on wanting to hold his new brother. Yes we allowed our 18 month old to hold our newborn.


Well after about a good hour the newness of his little brother wore off and it was now time to see what he could do to the scrunched up little guy.  This resulted in hitting and pulling hair… not fun at all but has finally stopped 8 months later.  Lyam has been toilet baptized by his brother. I tell myself he will have a great immune system from this.

Yet Cadden does really care about his brother …

He now shoves food in his mouth

tells me Lyam needs to be nursed

sits on his tummy and bounces ( because little brother make great bounce toys)

pats his butt

…..and his newest trick….picking Lyam up and carrying him over to me.

Such a proud big brother

Recently now that Lyam can sit and stand along with scream when he is upset the boys have grown on each other. Along with getting in trouble with each other…

smashing grapes all over the floor
smashing grapes all over the floor

Eight months later I am seeing two boys who love each other. Though they may not be able to say it you can see it. Whether it’s the way Lyams eyes light up when he sees Cadden enter the room or the way Cadden says ” hi eyam” when Lyam first wakes up in the morning the love is there. I can only hope as the get older that their relationship only gets stronger. No matter how many arguments they get into or how many toys they take from each other. I also hope that they become each others closest friends. Yet as for now I only hope I can stay sane as these two continue to “explore” with each other.


“Brothers don’t necessarily have to say anything to each other they can sit in a room and be together and just be completely comfortable with each other. ”
~ Leonardo Dicaprio


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