Fathers Day

Fathers day.. The day we all stop and give thanks for the fathers in our lives. No matter how whacky, crazy or downright mad they are we are thankful for them.

I did not grow up with a stable relationship with the should have been father figure in my life. Which in all reality may have been for the best. Yet my boys have a pretty awesome dad. He is a little rough in some areas but he if I may say so myself is pretty great. Chad since I met him has been a great dad. Yes in order for that to happen he has kids … well more boys from a previous marriage. Ty and Dill are pretty awesome boys and when I saw his interaction with them I knew when we found out we were pregnant with Cadden he would be a great dad. He has been at every doctors appointment or midwife appoint with both Cadden and Lyam. Along with “catching” Lyam at his birth (which to this day he thinks every dad should do! Great bonding moment).

So today my “hat” is off to him.

<<<< If you look at his shirt here it tells you he thinks he is a pretty awesome dad too. (conceited much?)


A dad is more than someone who has given sperm to create a child, a precious living life ( even though when that precious living life is drawing on your wall you forget how precious they are at the moment).  He is someone who guides and leads the way for child. He is the one that teaches life lessons as in when you pull his finger you may not like what comes out the other end.   To be honest to your fellow brother or sister in life. Don’t lie it will come back to bite you in the you know what. Love your family. Treat women with respect.

I am lucky to have someone who loves to cook (as I don’t hate it but I don’t like it either). So not only to I end up with a full tummy but a sons who will grow up knowing that there is no such chore in a house that belongs to any gender. Cadden is indeed learning this as he even cleans besides Dad.


Though he may think my babywearing and cloth diapering habits are nuts he deeps his feet into my world every so often.

chad2 chad

And after a long day of playing and laughter you can always find him on the “Daddy” chair all worn out

I hope today you wished the father in your life a happy Fathers Day.

Chad from Cadden, Lyam, the cats, dog and I HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!



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