We are Part of That 15 Percent

We are Part of That 15 Percent

I came across this blog last night when just mindlessly surfing around like I do every night. My first thoughts were this is pretty cool as I looked at the different beautiful families pictured on it. So I submitted my families picture.

Yet my find of this in a way is kind of funny. I found it on the same day that when at the beach with my family and some friends a little girl came up to me and asked a question that I in no way was expecting. She came up and asked ” Is your husband white?” I couldn’t believe what I heard and had to ask her again. She repeated the same question. Now I don’t know if she asked what she did because she was a child and didn’t know how to word her question ( soon after she went over to play with our dog)m or if she asked based on things she has heard at home. Either way it left a some what ill taste in my mouth. It reminds me of a time when Cadden was younger and my husband and I came up to see what color Cadden was a complete stranger ( she was very vocal about how curious she was). She than sat and shared with us about how her friend was married to an African guy and how their kids were all the same color. I am pretty sure that was her way of trying to somehow bond with us. Though it wasn’t bonding and if you are reading this and run into me do not hold me up for 15 mins talking about the color of your friends kids….I don’t care.

The blog was started after General Mills came out with a commercial the featured a mixed race family. Nothing was wrong with the commercial, just with the minds of some people who watched the commercial. This commercial created a stir and the comments that came from it were shocking and disappointing. Though I was very happy with the commercial… Its nice to see families you can relate to on T.V. \

Part of a multiracial family? Submit your picture to the We Are the 15 Percent blog. We did!


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