Night walks and the trouble they bring

So my Family goes for late night walks. Mainly for the dog yet we have found we like watching the sun set and having bugs attack us (nothing like a great big mosquito bite….we do remember to put bug spray on the kids).  Usually theses walk are on the low-end of the spectrum and go very well or they are on the higher end of the crazy spectrum, and you seeing me running down the street with a wrap in my hand and bug spray. That time I was whisper yelling don’t forget  to put bug spray on the kids. I am pretty sure at this point my neighbors think I am the crazy woman. Seeing we also had a toddler loose down the hill on his toy fire truck mishap a month or so ago. That incident involved me chasing him with a dog and baby on my back not cool!

one of our night walk adventures
one of our night walk adventures

So last night when I decided to take a walk to wear out my two-year old … I had a feeling something would happen. We we decided to take the trail right away Cadden decided to take his shoes off. This has become a recent thing and since the streets and trails near us are usually clean I allow it. So he decides he wants to feel nature under his feet… we continue to walk reach the end of the trail and turn around. Well our dog decided to eat the grass ( if anyone can tell me why dogs eat grass please share). Cadden has also formed the habit of thinking he is a dog so my toddler right behind her gets down on all fours trying to eat the grass just like a dog. This is when God must have decided “oh let me really embarrass Iola.” Seeing right when I was about to say Cadden get up we don’t eat grass a squad car pulls up. You see my first instinct was to grab the kids, the dog and run. Don’t ask me why I felt that way I just did. My second thought was call my husband crying that the police were here. Well as I was thinking through my choice the officer decided to speak. What he said I had to ask him to repeat because I was thrown off a bit by the question. He asked ” Are you and your family homeless?”  I wondered why he asked me at the moment and realized it could be the fact it’s after dark, and I have a toddler on the ground with no shoes on next to me trying to eat the grass as if he has never seen food in his life. Did I mention my other child was on my back? I polity told him no. This was met with a ” well I am not going to take your kids away if you say yes, I will just try to get you some help.” I will admit the thought of “well that sucks if you wont take them I could really use a break. ” Did run through my head.

I had to explain to the officer why we were out there so late. He understood then left. Needless to say I was basically running to get back to our place.

I have to say though it was somewhat embarrassing to be stopped like that I have to say at least the officer had the heart to care enough to stop and ask. Whether it was part of his job or not.

Oh and just a note… That walk did not wear Cadden out. We ended up in bed talking till 2 am about his bug bites. You see this mom forgot to put bug spray on the boys last night. FAIL


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