Its Not just some Slavery- Civil War Shit


I found this photo floating around my Facebook news feed. Why does it seem like when all  is going well in the breast-feeding word that something happens that results in ten steps being taken back?

There is nothing new about breast milk sharing at all… IT IS NOT JUST SOME SLAVERY- CIVIL WAR SHIT.

I have shared milk.

Yet there was a fact mentioned in the caption that one can not argue with the fact that yes slaves use to be wet nurses. Yet obviously the one who wrote that caption didn’t do their research or use common sense.

Seeing that if you were a slave you had no choice to breastfeed the child of the ones who deemed you as nothing more but property to be sold and traded when they saw fit.

Seeing that slave had to cut her own child’s breastfeeding relationship to go feed another.

Yet I want to believe that as that slave nursed the child of her owners she resented just the owners not the child. That she gave that child an abundance of love. Hoping he would remember it when he was older.

Oh and did I mention that if she wasn’t a wet nurse that slave was still made to stop breastfeeding her own child, so she could then give birth to another piece of property?

But you know….

That must be how milk sharing is now! (eye roll)

Last I checked moms today aren’t slaves.

They share milk because they want to.

They aren’t made to sacrifice their own breastfeeding relationship to feed another child.

I am pretty sure there are no harsh feelings when they hand that milk over to a mother or father who really need it

Yes its 2013

You would think by now sharing your milk would be widely accepted.

Hmm maybe that thinking is what is affecting the African American breastfeeding rates… seeing I have heard myself “oh why would you breastfeed you are not a slave anymore”! Yet that’s a conversation for another time.

Though you had no problem plastering it in a magazine

My question to you Life and Style what were YOU thinking when you let that caption go to print?

Now while you think of a politically correct BS answer to give everyone who has emailed you

Please excuse me as I go nurse my son and pump at the same time.


3 thoughts on “Its Not just some Slavery- Civil War Shit

  1. You know, breastfeeding and milk sharing have been among the most EMPOWERING experiences of my life, to be able to create the food my baby needs to grow and develop — and to make enough to feed somebody else’s baby, too. It kind of makes me feel like a rock star; I wish more people would see it like that.

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