Breastfeeeding in Color

So I follow more than a handful of breastfeeding pages and I have to say my favorite thing about following them are the breastfeeding photos.

Yet there has been something that has been eating at me…..

The lack of diversity in these photos.

Now don’t get me wrong… I love all breastfeeding photos no matter what color the mother may be.

Yet I want more diversity.

By diversity I don’t mean more photos like this…

Himba mother breast-feeding her infant . Kaokoveld .  Namibia .

Though I do believe this other is beautiful and she is doing an awesome job breastfeeding …. I have to say I don’t look like this when breastfeeding. It was also this photo that put me over the edge when someone made the comment:

“It’s nice to see photos of black women breastfeeding.”

I may have screamed ” are you kidding me!” at my computer screen then went on ranting on  Facebook about how it would be nice to see a mom breastfeeding who looked like me NOT like she just stepped off the cover of National Geographic.

So I went on a mission to find photos of women of color breastfeeding. I advertised my project on 50 plus pages asking moms of color to send me their photos. After a week of advertising I have received 10 photos in my inbox. So I am reaching out from here. MOMS OF COLOR PLEASE SEND ME YOUR PHOTOS!!!!!

You may ask yourself “what does this woman plan on doing with my photos?”

I plan on creating a photo gallery, I plan on sharing them on my blog Facebook page, I plan on creating a billboard…. ok ok ok scratch the last one, but I want these photos to circulate like crazy. I want younger girls of color to see them for them who may not be exposed to breastfeeding to see women who look like them feeding their babies naturally. I want breastfeeding to not be seen a thing that only “white stay at home moms do” …. but that EVERY MOTHER CAN DO.

Thank you to Lashana J nursing her little one
Thank you to Lashana J nursing her little one

So have a photo? Send it to me at along with your name and anything else you would like to say.

Look for this gallery to launch during International Breastfeeding Week (Aug 1st-7th).

Photo thank you to my friend Tigra L..... Much love mama!
Photo thank you to my friend Tigra L….. Much love mama!

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