Sometimes ish Happens

So I find that when I am buried in working on projects .. my family and friends tend to get a bit crazy. As if they are like ” hey Iola needs to focus on something else so let’s do weird and gross ish.” Last week I was planning a Big Latch on event… this happen to be the week of did that really just happen and was that really said. So here is just some of the crazy ish:

Not hearing the husband ( I wont say if I don’t listen intentionally).

Chad tens to ask many questions. and sometimes I really don’t hear them, or I misunderstand what he ask.

Chad: Did you feed the cat?

Me: Yes ( I heard kid)

Chad: what did you feed her?

Me: From my breast duh

very silent and awkward pause and the look on his face told me he wasn’t talking about the kids.

Chad: You breastfeed the cat?

At this point I said no and explained I thought he meant our youngest child. He still won’t let it go and mentions it from time to time.

Though I will say in my defense even if I did nurse the cat I wouldn’t be the first to feed an animal from my chest.

Like this >>>>woman-breastfeeds-pug-510x600

Though I will say women use to breastfeed animals back in the day to boost their supply… Just saying.

Now on to the dog… I have a love hate relationship with our dog. Meaning some days I love her and some days I could care less.

Warning if you don’t like hear about puke don’t read!!!!

So Akilah ( The dog) is back into the bed .. apparently a soft plushy pillow in a kennel isn’t good enough. Well one night the cat decided to beg me for food .. as in let me scratch your leg and whine until you feed me. So I caved in and fed her… how does she pay me back? She pukes under the bed. At this point I was in bed and not wanting to get up to clean cat puke. Well who comes to the rescue the dog!!! She ate the puke…. excuse me as I go dry heave on the sounds that came with it.

If that couldn’t be bad enough … she jumped back on the bed and licked me.

Now on to the friend crazies

So this part may be my fault but my brain was not working in my defense. My friend L and her daughter came over so we packed up the kids and went to the park. All was going until L daughter want to do the spinning monkey bars. Well I decided hey why not? So I grabbed the little one and she grabbed on to the bar. Well by this time my son C wanted to grab on. Well in my defense I told L’s daughter to hold on, yet apparently two year-olds don’t listen very well. As soon as I let her go to grab C …. well she just dropped. She dropped like a bag of bricks. So maybe the maternal instinct was turned off at the moment because I remember telling L ” I told her to hold on!” Though she is fine. A little shocked and I may have lost her trust but she is fine.

Oh and my son… well as soon as he watch his mom drop  …. watched his friend not listen, he was on the other side of the park.

Oh and at least I did not whack L’s daughter in the face with a fly swatter like my husband did. Just saying.

Yet she is fine… I promise.

Also though the picture below may look like innocent fun… But C ended up pushing her head first into the grass.

She is fine though. I promise.

Oh and last thing… Shark week is about sharks on the discovery channel… not that 50 of my friends women and men have synced up and are all having their periods at the same time. Which may have been my first thought.


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