Breastival of Nurslings -Giveaway!

So awhile ago in another blog post I said ” Every mom should have a professional nursing photo done at some point”

Well guess what? I get to give a lucky mom that chance! Though that mom does have to live in the state of Minnesota and about to attend the event August 24th, 2013 from 3pm to 7 pm.

The event is called the Breastival of Nurslings though for some reason I want to say Breastival of Nations. This event is being held by the Normalizing Nursing in Public League.

More about the event from them…

“Tired of only having self-portrait nursing photos where everything is too dark, out of focus, and quite frankly you can barely tell what is going on? Well, the Breastival of Nurslings is here to fix that and have fun while doing it!

Attire Advice: Look around the internet for breastfeeding photos you like… what do they all have in common? Time to throw modesty out the window! No covers, no hiding under baggy shirts – time to “whip ’em out” as they say. Button down shirts or a shirt you can comfortably go up over the top is probably your best bet. Go braless or with a bra that has nothing left on top once you unclip the cup. Less busy the pattern on the clothing the better, plain bold colors or bold patterns work best (like polka dots or solid colors). Also, keep jewelry to a minimum because it distracts from the nursing moment”

You get to let it all hang out and not get weird looks and stares!

oh and one more thing

The awesome woman who did my breastfeeding photos will also be there along with other photographers! She does awesome work!

If you have purchased the tickets for this event, don’t worry! You will be refunded if you win! Plus there will be food!

Have you had nursing photos done before? Did you like them/ hang them up? Comment below!

Big Thank you to the Normalizing Nursing in Public League!

P.S. I will see you there while I help check everyone in!

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8 thoughts on “Breastival of Nurslings -Giveaway!

  1. I have never had breastfeeding pics done before and am really looking forward to this event. Even more so since we have begun weaning: ( so this is our last chance from our 3 year journey.

  2. My FIL is an incredible photographer, but he never wants to do photos outside 😦 so while he did nursing shots, and I love them, I want something more like me.

  3. We’ve never had nursing pics done before, so I’m excited to be involved in this. I am due with my second child in November and want to chronicle the nursing relationship I currently have with my almost 3 year old before that happens.

  4. I have never had professional (or any) breastfeeding pictures done, but this seems like a great opportunity. Currently, we can’t afford a session, so…

  5. I had nursing photos taken when I was *only* nursing two and I loved them. I’m looking forward to seeing how the pictures turn out with my three nurslings.

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