Tide Pods and Heart Attacks.

If you are a parent you are fully aware that if you kids are quiet, you need to be worried. Usually in my house this means a floor or child has been colored on with a magic marker, or there is a clogged drain and the bathroom may become a swimming pool if I don’t stop it.

All of these quiet incidences have been innocent. Except last night.

Last night for some reason I decided to do laundry. I never do laundry, but at this point I couldn’t act as if the hill of clothes in the hallway wasn’t growing. Nor that there were some questionable smells coming from that hill. For all I know that hill may have turned into a monster that eats socks.

Well like any other day I grabbed our Tide Pods. I love these things and they work for our clothes and cloth diapers.

These things look like a treat to a small child
These things look like a treat to a small child

Now I have heard stories about things going wrong with pods and kids getting into them. So my husband and I decided to keep them on a shelf in our closet in between use. This is the shelf I put the pods back on when going to fold laundry.

Well as folding laundry, the boys went into their room to play and were really quiet. Quiet enough I mentioned it to a fb friends about how I should worry. So I set my laundry down and went to check on them.

As I walked into the hallway it smelled like laundry soap, I saw the boys in their doorway. Lyam was not only covered in soap but had three broken soap pods in front of him and one in his mouth…broken open.

As I discovered this my husband walked right in the door. Who at that moment had a “what the heck did I just walk to” look on his face. We immediately washed Lyam off and collected pods. This is when I asked friends in a chat I was already in  “do you bring them to the E.R.” In which their response was ” YES BRING HIM IN NOW!”

So we grabbed sippy cups and sped to Children’s hospital. When we arrived the nurse was already ready for our arrival ( we called a nurse line on the way). This was the point I realized that Lyam eating soap was way more serious than a ha-ha he got into soap.

After a work up and 2 hour observation Lyam was found to be OK to go home. He crawled away with just small little burns in his mouth ( irritation they called it), but is doing well.

Yet we learned a lot from last night.

If your child gets into the pods and has swallowed the soap get them to the ER right away. Usually once you clean the child up you notice the drooling and think oh they are fine. Yet within 10 to 20 mins from the incident the child can start to puke and then go unconscious due their tongue and throat swelling.

The tongue and throat can swell due to being chemically burned. This can land your child on a Ventilator to breath until these burns heal.

Also keep these pods far away from wondering babies and toddlers. Somewhere that even with a stool the child can’t get to them.

As for the Tide company, I will be writing a letter asking them to redesign the lid of the container. My toddler was not only able to open the container but he took the top off the container

As for the left over pods – they are in the trash, in a dumpster.


4 thoughts on “Tide Pods and Heart Attacks.

  1. Oh, wow! They did redesign the container a few months ago. The new ones are completely orange, not clear with the orange top. Was it the old container or the new one that you had? I noticed that the new one is still too easy to open (in my opinion), even with the new “locks” on it (really just two plastic tabs that you have to press in to release the cover).

    I’m sorry that happened to your little guy and so glad you found him in time and got him to be seen ASAP! Thank goodness he’s okay!

    • It was the new container. The orange one. The thing is the top is super easy to get open for a toddler. I understand they don’t want to you have to fight to open it. Yet this all happened in a good five mins. So its still super easy for my toddler to open.

      • That’s terrible. I agree, the new containers are still way too easy. It makes no sense to me that they make containers of other cleaners and chemicals childproof, yet this one that they received quite a few complaints about (enough to make them change the design of the container in the first place) gets a flimsy cover that can still be opened easily by curious kids. And honestly, what parent would complain about it being hard to open if it was made that way to protect their child? Companies need to think with something other than their wallets for sure.

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